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  • YEL Chess 2.0 - Online

    For students with a basic grasp of chess piece movement, capturing, check, and checkmate, but not ready for higher level lessons. We will be studying tactics like pins, skewers, discovered and double checks, back rank mates and more. Seats are limited, so sign up soon! We suggest participants have a computer with a microphone and speakers, high speed internet, a account (email us if you need one). We’ll be using as well as for lesson analysis. Students will also be invited to participate in free online chess tournaments using
  • YEL Coding 1.0 | Animation - Online

    Learn basic and intermediate coding techniques with Scratch®. Students will be introduced to the vital field of coding and learn how to use movement blocks, loops, control blocks, and other basic coding for animation. Students will be given a Scratch® user account. More details will be sent on how to join the class. Students can share their code online with other Scratch kiddos, and they can keep it in their own account. Seats are limited, so sign up today!