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Student Parking Permit
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About Student Parking Permit

All students must register their vehicle through ONLINE registration to park in the SLPHS student parking lot.  All students parking in the lot must have a valid Annual 2022 - 2023 or current Trimester Parking Permit. 

  • Permits may be picked up in the main office of SLPHS on/after Monday, Aug 15 between 8:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Bring a copy of your receipt via paper or smart device.
  • Permits must be placed in the lower left (driver side) windshield of the vehicle. Permit must be easily seen from outside the vehicle. 
  • PSEO and OEC students who attend class on-site for 3 hours or less can pay a reduced fee - verification documentation will need to be provided when picking up permit.
There are no Student Parking Permit courses available for registration.