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  • Stay (Almost) Invisible on the Internet-ONLINE

    Have you ever wondered how to keep a low profile and avoid prying eyes and tracking bots when you’re online? Are you tired of Google tracking everything you do? This seminar focuses on how to reduce your information footprint and avoid being tracked when online. We'll start by reviewing how to lock down your devices and online accounts and recommend settings that will keep secure major social media accounts. After touching on how to spot and avoid phishing and smishing, we'll discuss which browsers and plugins to use and how to encrypt your texts, calls, and email. Then we'll explain what a VPN is and why you should use one. Up next is finding and deleting old online accounts. Finally, we'll go over ways to surf without leaving any trace and ways to delete yourself from the internet. Instructor: Roger Hagedorn An accomplished Information Security professional with 20 years of focused technology and security experience, Roger combines business analysis and project management with cybersecurity solutions and now specializes in helping nonprofits develop a successful security strategy. He’s worked for organizations as diverse as the Seward Community Co-op, The Trust for Public Land, the Minnesota Senior Federation, and DARTS. In 2012 he earned both GSEC and CISSP security certifications. He spent the past six years working for the City of Minneapolis as the IT Department’s Senior Security Analyst, but he retired this past February. His favorite activities are performing security risk assessments, conducting strategic technology planning, vetting third-party providers and solutions, aligning technology with strategic planning and risk reduction, and developing security awareness programs. In another life on a distant planet, he also taught French, Film and Narrative Theory at the university level. While an early essay was recently translated into Danish, he admits to nothing.